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On April 28th, 2001 Brandi and I ran the Missoula River Bank Run together with our friend Jon Motta. What Brandi didn't know was the surprise we had planned for her at the finish line!

Beth Woody, the Program Director of the YMCA not only allowed the sign, but was instrumental in getting everything worked out. Like the sign, and the publicity!

We got a banner made up at SignsNow! (who was great about time and price!) and had it posted at the Boone and Crockett Club (Old Milwaukee Railroad Station). We tried to get as many friends and family as seemed safe (we did want to keep it a secret, you know) to show up.


We came across the finish line, and got water, and went to the bathroom. Then we went looking for everyone gathered at the banner. As we came up to it, she was saying hello to everyone, trying to figure out why everyone was there. My Mom passed me the ring and I directed Brandi's attention to the banner behind her. As she started reading it, I dropped to my knee and waited for her answer.


The first words out of her mouth were "Are you SHITTING ME?" She started crying, and everyone thought she would throw up or pass out. After a while, I asked her if that was a "yes" and she said it was. Weird YES, but I will take it.


You want to see the ring? Click on the picture below to see it closer...

It Says I LOVE YOU on the inside

The Missoulian showed up (thanks to Beth), and KPAX was there, thanks to Jon M. The result? We were on the 5:30 PM news and 10 PM news, and made the front page of the Missoulian, as you see above. The video clip of the proposal is loading at the bottom of this page, or you can click here to open it in a new window

Here we are giving interviews Here we are doing the 1 mile walk as a group This is the KPAX reporter interviewing us.

We will also add things like a schedule of events, and a "registry" of sorts- not monitored by us, of course! Please check back for updates.

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Thanks, Jon!


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